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Originally Posted by Rimi View Post
I haven't read through all of the replies, so forgive me if I say something that has already been mentioned.

I don't think it's pertinent that you wear a gown to this black-tie even, especially since you'll be working. If you find that a shorter cocktail dress is more comfortable, then, by all means, wear one!

You also stated that you'll be handling some of the dogs. If you're worried about picking up dog hair, look for a dress in a slick fabrics, such as satin. However, most slick fabrics are more difficult to clean stains out keep that in mind! If you go for another fabric, try this little trick: dampen a sheet of fabric softener and rub it all over your dress. This should help to repel the dog hair. No matter what you decide on, though, be sure to pack a small lint roller in your clutch!

Also! Try not to pick anything to too many frills, sequins or thingies hanging off of don't want to pups to get their claw caught on anything and snag your dress!

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