I don't think I have any family members that don't like my curls, I have mommy issues of a different sort.

My mom had curly/wavy hair all her life, but didn't know what to do with it and was growing up when the finger wave, or setting in rollers to relax the curl was the thing. She says she even remembers laying her head on an ironing board and her or her mom using the clothes iron to flatten it! Yikes!

So when she had a little girl who finally grew lots of fine blonde curly hair at age 2 I don't think she knew what to do with me. I HATED having my hair combed, my head is sensitive and my fine wavy/curly hair was always tangled. So I think my mom avoided much styling at all because it was a battle everytime. The result was limp, stringy, waves and tangles. At one point she did large diameter steam setting every morning for me, but the curl would come back in by mid-day. When we moved to wetter climates that was out the window and I just ran around with a mess on my head. I was teased- I remember one girl asking if I even OWNED a hair brush. I had several haircuts that were too mature for my young self (think "mom" mushroom top) and hated it. One day a friendly stylist at my local Great Clips said "Do you know you have really curly hair?" and showed me how to scrunch it in 8th grade. That was my curl epiphany. Of course I did the whole 80's tons of mousse or gel and tons of hair spray thing, so I ended up with curls, but tons of crunchy and tons of frizz all the same.

I proceeded to abuse my hair for many many more years until I tried curly girl methods at age 27!

Anyways, I had a little boy when I was 25, and after he finally grew some hair at 1.5- lots of strawberry blonde curls, silky fine hair, I was determined that he would not suffer my fate! I've been lo poo-ing or skipping shampoo all together and using grown-up hair cleansers/conditioners with him once his hair was longer thank a 1/4 inch, lol. The all in one baby wash/shampoo freaks me out. It kind of reminds me of carwash or something... DH left for a deployment to Afghanistan when my son was about 1.5 years old. He said he wasn't missing the first haircut, so we either had to cut it before he left, or after he got back, in 6 months. He'd just started getting hair when it was time to leave, so I said "No way!" and agreed to wait at least 6 months for him to come home. I thought if worst came to worst, I could do an at home trim of the unruly parts, but he wouldn't have a "proper" haircut until Daddy could be there. I knew to hide imperfectly shaped/length of hair we needed great curls, so I started using the CG friendly leave-ins on him. Have not needed to cut a single hair on his head and Daddy came home a week ago ! The long pieces curled tighter than the shorter pieces and it all looked great. He gets compliments from EVERYONE we see out in public!

So I think I can say that my mommy issues, past, present, and future have been resolved by CG!

Now I'm just trying to get my mom to try it! She's handcuffed to her straightener though.

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