I am considering cutting my own hair...yikes! I have an above-the-shoulder bob that has been cut in the past in a slightly stacked layers all around kind of style. So it's like a slight V-shape from the bottom up, with a weight line at the eye area.

I think my stylist cut the layers by holding the hair at 90 degrees, and then maybe she angled the scissors to get the stacking effect. Can I do it this way myself? Would doing the back be too hard?

I think it would be nice, though, to have it a bit inverted (shorter in the back) too. Can I do this and have layers all around if I do the ponytail method? I have read lots of posts here and watched the cute video. Do you get pretty straight lines on the length with this method? Would the layers come out the same as what I got with the 90-degree cutting?

Also, should I cut dry or damp?

I don't know which method I should try. I think I have botticelli curls. It seemed to work fine to have my stylist cut my hair the same way she cuts straight hair.

Sorry to ask so many questions. I guess I need help! I am the kind of person who would think a challenge like this could be fun, and I would like the feeling of self-sufficiency in cutting my own hair!