because I can never resist a good poll...

1. What type of shampoo do you use?
I only use gentle non SLS 'cleansers' like Deva NP/LP or Jessicurl HCC

2. Also how do you use it?
I mainly use them just on the scalp, and try to massage them in all around the scalp really well, then let them 'sit' there and do their thing while I finish showering or give a quick pumice/file on my feet,etc. Then I rinse. Sometimes, if my hair feels particularly producty, I will lightly smooth on a little bit over the rest of my hair. And sometimes I will lightly coat my ends with conditioner, but I don't usually both to do that and especially not with the NP.

3. How often? uggh, this really varies. I try not to use one of the above more than once a week. It all depends on the weather/seasons/products I've been using. I think in the winter I try not to use the LP or HCC more than once every 2 weeks, but and the NP once a week. If not I at least do a co-wash once a week and maybe NP another time during the week. I just tried Elucence as a co-wash a couple of weeks ago and thought it did a great job.

You mentioned that before CG you washed your hair like crazy with SLS shampoo. I remember I always dreaded 'shampooing' my hair, because it meant having to detangle the mess, and a big major workout to blowdry it straight,etc. But I always looked forward to the conditioning part. Besides I always felt my hair looked better the day after shampooing anyway, and unless it was summertime, I probably didn't poo more than twice a week anyway. I just dreaded it too much. I think all that time it was just my hair's way of begging me to stop with the sls' already!
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07