Every time I see posts with questions about "mixed" hair I roll my eyes and keep it moving. I think it is total foolishness to presume every biracial black/white person has exactly the same hair. What is "mixed hair" Lenny Kravitz or Corbin Bleau? Im not mixed and that little girl in the avatar could be my hair twin. My ex has two half asian daughters and their textures are nothing alike. A lot of people I wouldnt know were biracial if they didnt tell me. I have relatives who are 3s and not biracial. But companies are making a killing off people buying into this. I wouldnt get upset over YT comments. There is a white lady on YT with an adopted daughter who is black and she can cornrow like nobody's business.
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adthomas, i totally agree with you about 'mixed' hair (or all hair for that matter) being different. all of our friends are in interacial marriages and the kids are all mixed (african/australian). the range of hairtypes with these kids is very interesting!!
i guess i say 'mixed' hair when talking about my daughter because she is 'mixed' (african/australian). i think i probably need to stop saying it in terms of hair type though, that's why i always TRY to say 4a hair in most posts relating to her hair!
i have seen that lady on YT, amazing! i braide/plait/wash/moisturise/style my daughters hair really well (IMO)!! some of our friends who have migrated from africa have even asked me to do their hair for them! hahaha!!! their hairtype is very different to my daughters though, i guess it would be more 4c?? it's alot coarser, less defined curl.