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I notice that people, regardless of race, have a tendency to be sensitive when race/ethnicity is discussed... I'm black and I have black, white, hispanic, and mixed people in my life. And now I will spit what's real...

No matter your ethnicity, if you have a mixed child and their texture is different from your own, I find that these mothers sometimes get intimidated or overwhelmed. While in my very limited experience I've seen it in mostly non-black moms, it happens on all sides!

A close friend of mine (I'll call her my sister) is a liscensed beautician specializing in the care of natural curls. She is black with a mixed daughter(dad is a Guamie). She saw another black mom with a mixed daughter who was using products that were just way too heavy for the child's grade of hair. "She still black," the lady said. That's ignorance if I ever saw it LoL...

I commend you all for doing your research. Not all moms have the presence of mind to do so. Or they are just plain lazy...

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