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Originally Posted by MissKris View Post
I notice that people, regardless of race, have a tendency to be sensitive when race/ethnicity is discussed... I'm black and I have black, white, hispanic, and mixed people in my life. And now I will spit what's real...

No matter your ethnicity, if you have a mixed child and their texture is different from your own, I find that these mothers sometimes get intimidated or overwhelmed. While in my very limited experience I've seen it in mostly non-black moms, it happens on all sides!

A close friend of mine (I'll call her my sister) is a liscensed beautician specializing in the care of natural curls. She is black with a mixed daughter(dad is a Guamie). She saw another black mom with a mixed daughter who was using products that were just way too heavy for the child's grade of hair. "She still black," the lady said. That's ignorance if I ever saw it LoL...

I commend you all for doing your research. Not all moms have the presence of mind to do so. Or they are just plain lazy...

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i guess we all see different types of parents depending on where we are from and who we associate with! in my opinion, knowledge about your childs hair is just like everything else about becoming a parent! parenthood does not come with a handbook, either does your childs hair, therefore we have to learn and experiment what works best. just like when you have a baby that isn't sleeping well or not eating well! and i guess THAT was my point! i enjoy experimenting with my daughters hair and she's starting to enjoy it too, now that she can see the benefits! In saying that, i WISH there was a handbook given to every parent at the birth of their child, wouldn't that make life easier, hahaha!

today is wash day for us, so there is my afternoon accounted for. my daughters hair takes 3-5 hours on wash day, but atleast now she's getting older and prouder of her hair, we don't have the crying and winging anymore!
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