Hmm I get this question.. And while it does take me aback for a second, I simply say yes.
I used to get very annoyed with it and say "no" or "probably most certainly the yes of a no" (haha) but I realized, I shouldn't get mad at all from such an inquiry.
I mean, while probably 3% of the people on this planet aren't mixed based on race.. Everyone else pretty much is. But.. That's based on the beginning of time pretty much lol.
If we're choosing to refer to what our individual features come from, then that's a grey area technically.
Anyway... This question is nothing to be offended about or shunned in any way since your own personal heritage should be cherished and accepted by yourself.
And I've had people basically say "Nuuh! You're just [insert race]!" I learned to shrug and pity the fool because I am what I am and I'm proud lol. Sucks that they can't see beyond what they are accustomed to and get over themselves with that mentality. Tsk Tsk. So yeah.(:

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