It took a lot of time of growing out hair, going through various phases, and coming to terms with my natural hair again.

I dyed my hair platinum blonde a year before I found this website and I loved to straighten it at least once weekly. Then I started growing my hair out because the breakage was so awful. When I found this website a year later and went CG, it made a huge difference in how healthy my hair was. 6 months later I BC'ed because I wanted short hair. 8 months after that and various cuts that only left my hair worse and too short when I was trying to grow it out, I decided to use what I thought would be a low manipulation technique (because I would have minimal heat styling as opposed to styling either wavy (diffuser) or straight (blow dry/flat iron) to grow it out and because I wanted straight hair- I Japanese straightened it. My hair was in great shape for about three months - and then I had a lot of breakage because I STILL had to flat iron it to get it straight as it got longer - not my new growth, but the parts that were actually relaxed still. That gave me a lot of time to have the straight hair I was addicted to, and I got really sick of it. I started wanting my waves back, and remembered how fun it could look when it was natural.

I haven't straightened my hair in... three months maybe. And the last time I did it I got sick of it the moment I was finished styling it and washed it out the next day. I think long, straight hair still looks nicer on me than my natural hair, but my natural hair is.... well, me and that's something I accept now and celebrate. I think really, it comes down to self acceptance. Especially in my case, where I've hated my hair my whole life up until the past few years.
Wurly, fine, thin, moderately to heavily porous. Mod CG.