I just finished week 2 of my CG journey. Before CG I noticed a few coils here and there, but now my whole head is filled with these tiny coils. My cousin asked me if I had set my hair on toothpicks It seems that my hair is clumping, but in really teeny clumps of very tight coils (imagine a slinky at rest). Some are looser coils like a stretch slinky and some are tight at the scalp and looser near the ends.

One day I put a LOT of gel in to stretch out the coils. It then looked like tiny waves. But as it dried it shrunk into coils and when I woke up the next day the coils were back in full force. I suppose this is the natural pattern of my hair, to coil, right?

All of the CG ladies I see have looser curls and I'm wondering if there is ANYone using this method with cottony, kinky, thin, fine, tight COILS? If you're out there I would love to see pictures and here how CG is working for you. I'm wondering what this type of hair looks like when it grows longer. Surely I can't be the only one