I don't believe that's Alicia's natural curl pattern. I hear people saying she's a 3b all the time and I don't believe it. She has dye damage and heat damage in her hair.

Naturally she's a 3c/4a mix leaning more 3c IMO:

By high school she definitely looks like she's texturized. And yep..she definitely got that nose done too.

Personally..I like her damaged hair though just fine. Looks pretty to me when she just lets it go wild like in the photos BlessedBMyRoots posted.
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I don't think she has dye damage or anything I just think that back then she just had a hard time defining her curls and there also has never been hair product out for our natural hair like it is now. I don't think those pictures are relevant for guessing her hair type cus it looks like its kind of picked out in one and like there's nothing in it in the other. Keep in mind that's she's mixed, perhaps her mom didn't know how to care for her hair type.
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I'm mixed and really I don't see what her being mixed has to do with anything. There really is no such thing as "mixed" hair. That's a HUGE myth that way to many people buy into unfortunately.

Whether her mom knew how to do it or not is really irrelevant to her actual NATURAL hair type. I think it's been a LONG time since Alicia Keys has had her natural curl pattern as it grows out of her head. Her hair has been damaged from dye and heat..clearly. She's hardly ever seen in public with unmanipulated hair. And one can see from her childhood photos her curls aren't the same today. And I still think she was texturized in her senior photo..a lot of mixed girls used to texturize their hair (and still do frankly) back in the day..they just didn't tell anyone and pretend it's natural. And it wouldn't surprise me if she got a fresh texturizer for her senior photo.