Well, the term 'zombie' has become synonymous with flesh eating.

While zombies started out as people whole rose from the dead, the movie industry has turned it into people affected by virus, or chemical exposure that has made them 'inhuman' in that they are unresponsive, psychotic, and enraged to the point of cannibalism.

The only reason i'm commenting is because I got into this discussion with a friend who is a professor and works at NASA. I believe the latter form of 'zombies' is possible. Most logical people don't think humans will rise from the dead though.

(emphasis on 'most' and 'logical')

Now what if something similar to whatever was in this drug somehow got into general population through a chemical spill, contamination to food, or water, etc. - would it be possible for a large amount of people to be affected by it? I think its not entirely impossible. Not exactly 28 days, but the movies do exaggerate things.

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