The poll function isn't working for me so...

1) I actually like it.

2) Totally neutral about it -- neither like nor dislike.

3) It's a mild annoyance, but not a big deal.

4) I dislike it.

5) It is the bane of my existance. I dread its arrival for weeks and I am miserable during the entire time it's here, forced to change my lifestyle, dress differently and miss out on activities I enjoy, anxiously counting the days and minutes until it is gone. The only thing that dampens the celebration that accompanies its departure is the unfortunate knowledge that it will soon return.
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Depends on my reproductive status. Before I thought of having kids, I was probably #4 - I am one of those who gets intense symptoms and while I tried not to let it do #5 to me, it was never fun.

Now, I would love to get it back and know I am fertile and can have more control over my reproduction!
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