I decided that I'm going to embrace my 2b-2c hair (I think it's a 2b or 2c, correct me if I'm wrong please!) and not straighten or put it in a ponytail anymore, but I have NO idea how to get the hair i want. I just want my waves to be consistent and not crunchy, almost beach-y I guess. Do you know any products that will hold my waves without making them crunchy or stiff? I really want to avoid using any heat unless it's just to touch it up or dry it. Oh, and should I use a leave-in conditioner or a type of serum??? Do I need lots of layers, or just a few? My hair is pretty thick and poofy when it's completely dried.

I posted a pic. of my hair once it's been wrapped up in a towel and still a bit damp (This picture was taken before I got my hair trimmed and my layers re-cut).
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