I have used RO conditioner or LI as my only styler at times. when I was younger that's all I used year-round, never gel. It's just inconsistent for me though (but then most of my routines are these days, lol). I love when I find a conditioner that can hold up on its own! One thing that's really nice about styling this way is your hair doesn't get nearly as tangly as when you use gel, detangling is a breeze! or feel nearly as dry even when it starts getting frizzy.

Winners for me in the past have been Suave Humectant (when I used cones-- this worked for me most of the time for years), Alba LI, EO Lavender, Modern Organic Products, California Baby, Giovanni Direct (no longer though, it foams up and doesn't absorb for hours). Have a sample of CJ Beauticurls that worked nicely but only tried it once. Just bought a bottle of Aussie Moist to try alone based on a rec on curlynikki.com.

Recent miss: BWC.
Formerly Urbancurl.
Medium-high density, fine-medium, low-normal porosity, 3b/c, permanent color.
CG, no heat, combs, brushes, parabens.
Fall/Winter HG=Alba Botanica Soft Hold Style Cream.
Spring/Summer HG=MGA Sculpting Gel
Current fave LI=Madre Labs Made by Nature for Baby Conditioner.
Limit oils, butters, glycerin.