Is it a bad idea to scrub this skin that has SD ? I have a friend that has it and scrubs and scrubs... she says it's "exfoliation" and she has to do it to get the flakes off. But all that does is seem to do is make it more red and inflamed to me....sure it looks like she gets all the flakes off but it still doesn't look too good. Because the skin under seems so red.. I can't help but think this makes the SD worse over time. But I don't know for sure.. I have super oily skin that never flakes.

She's been trying various things but won't see a doctor about it. So I've been trying to suggest natural stuff because she does like that.. maybe I'll suggest the honey. I read online that Aloe is good for it too...Wonder if I can get her to use Aveeno at all.
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Scrubbing. The flakes off doesn't help at all really, its only causing that area to become more inflames. I would suggest glently scrubbing the affected area and then washing her face with a very mild facial wash. Do you know what she's "exfoliating" with? I've tried facial scrubs, but all they tend to do if make my face flare up: burning and itching sensations. Also try to get help to look for products specifically for SD. Pine Tar soap works very well but it smells awful.

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She's exfoliating with an Egyptian cotton wash cloth she said and her cleanser..which is just regular Dove soap. She said it's mild and moisturizing. I love Dove too but I don't use that stuff on my face! Anyway..I've seen her wash her face and she just scrubs in these harsh circular motions..her face is all red for a few hours afterward but she says it feels better. So I don't know...

Honestly, I don't think she realizes how awful it looks after she does that... I'm going to try to help her and find some products specifically for SD.

Thanks for your advice.