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Versus Tresemme Naturals please?
NO damn contest. I love Tresemme but it cant compare to the Daily Smoothing Conditioner. The tresemme is very nice but not as rich as the Daily. Its just expensive.
Interesting..Even though I have tried the lotion I'm now curious about the conditioner.
I loved the scent of the lotion and felt the slip for the smoothing lotion and Tresseme were comparable. But if you are saying the conditioner is on a whole different level. I must say... My interest is piqued!

Hmmm... I too am piqued! I bought the Smoothing Lotion specifically because it looked like it might be more moisturizing then the Smoothing Conditioner in the description. I swear ya’ll are definitely contributing to my junkie-isum! SMH
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