Is there any one else in the same boat? What products and techniques are working well for you? Our dews have only been in the 50's here in Northern MI, but the bigger ones are on their way. I'm dreading even more frizz. I read a ton here and thought I had a good grasp on how to do things, but I'm either too frizzy, too dry, too over conditioned...I don't even know any more

I'm also really struggling with second day hair. I (have to) shower at night and I take all of the proper anti-frizzing precautions, but there's still that bed-head fuzz in the morning to deal with. Spritzing with water and adding more gel just makes it feel gross and crunchy and adding just a leave-in makes it even worse. What can I do so just take the frizz away but keep things soft?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to give advice
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