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Default Almost 38 and need skin care advice

The person who posted about water doing more for her skin than anything is partially right, in that water has so many functions in the body and all, and for some people it does show up in their skin being more plumped up and all, but not everyone. It won't, for instance, do anything for acne, red marks, or sun spots. I've found that often that people who genetically have really nice skin anyway often say all they use is water and whatever really simple lotion or cream that happens to be on hand and then they say how AH-mazing just water and the simple cream is LOL! For others who have more skin challenges, it can take a lot more just to make one skin, well, just OK. A lot of us are somewhere in between and we have to find a balance between using just enough of the right stuff and not a bit more. JMHO, so no flames please!
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