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A dear relative is butt-hurt over another relative's calling herself natural. She does a rollerset and airdries "curly" so that her roots match her ends now that she is stretching her relaxers out and can see waves/curls of newgrowth. The other one hates that, especially since she has done the BC this year (so now she's the natural hair expert).

I just don't care how other people refer to their hair unless they're giving me advice. It doesn't affect my hair, or theirs either, as it's just a word.

Bottom line, if she stopped getting relaxers a week ago, and she feels that 1/8 of unrelaxed hair is justification to call herself natural, who are we to tell her otherwise? No need to split hairs, it's a big step putting a relaxer down, so let her get through it how she sees fit . Better she call herself natural now and get used to it, than to chop it all off to be "certified" as natural, and then get another relaxer in 2 weeks (ironically the second DR I mentioned did this).
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