I didn't see it but from what you described, it sounds like maybe the curls are brushed out? If that's the case, of course they have terrible hair, they probably manipulated these poor women into getting their lovely curls all brushed and teased so that it looked like they had horrible hair and then they'd have a reason to do a hair make over show. I'm sure they didn't need anything done to their hair before getting on the show.
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Maury is NOTORIOUS for this!! They had this bi-racial girl on the show once and brushed her hair out until it was a huge frizzball. It could have been a nice looking afro if they would have styled it properly. Of course she hated her hair and so did all of her friends. So they straighten her hair (which could have been done at home) and viola! She has tons of friends and looks INSTANTLY better. So would I, if my hair resembled a huge dried out brillo pad like hers did.

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