First let me answer your questions:

No, you don't have to change shampoo at all. Just let your hair air dry after washing so that you don't dry out the moisture in your hair and get dry and brittle results. If you MUST blow dry then use a round bristle brush while drying. You CAN straighten with a flat iron alone, but only on DRY hair and make sure it's a good ceramic and tourmaline flat iron so you'll get it done faster and better. I use Karmin G3 salon pro styling iron because it's the best for curly hair (ceramic + tourmaline plates, adjustable heat up to 460F, sleep mode, dual voltage and 3yrs guarantee).

Now for the straightening part:

Start with clean and dry hair for best results. Use a heat protectant and comb through to untangle. Now section your hair and clip them up so you can start with a single layer at the nape of your neck.

2.Take a slim 1 inch section and comb through to make sure that it’s completely untangled. Hold it firmly so that it’s taught and clamp the straightener down as closely to the roots as you can. Now slowly slide the straightener until you reach the roots. If it’s not perfectly straight the first time, just go over it again. But try not to pass over the same section of hair to avoid overheating it. Turn the heat up if you don’t see much improvement after 3 passes.

3.Unclip another layer and repeat step two. Keep doing so until your whole head of hair is completely straight. For hair that is prone to frizzing up, finish up with an anti-frizz serum so that your sleek locks will last for longer. For normal hair, mist on holding spray for a durable style.

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