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I have mommy issues, kinda...

When I wake up early and shower and style my hair curly, she loves it and compliments it! However, my hair is wavy and wurly so my second day hair is absolutely horrible. It's poofy, frizzy, and the curls are pretty much gone. (this is probably because I'm using a mousse with only medium hold, but my mom says I have to finish that before I can get a strong hold gel or curl creme) when I put my second day hair in a ponytail, she says it's ugly and I should brush it, even though I've told her it'll make it worse (I make it look decent in a ponytail) Or if I'm having a reeeallly bad hair day I put it up in a bun, and she says it makes me look like a grandma -.- On the rare occasion I straighten it, she says it looks good but not as good as curly(:

I've tried telling her my second day hair sucks because I don't have a strong hold gel, but she won't listen. She says it's fine but just tangled because I don't brush it. So today, I wasn't going anywhere so I completely brushed it out and showed her the gigantic, extremely frizzy, ugly, puffball I had on my head that was too poofy to even fit in a ponytail. Now she believes me, and we'll go shopping for a better product! Yay!
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