My fiance doesn't like my curls. When we first met I always straightened my hair and did so for the first three years of our relationship, only wearing it curly on a rare occasion, but it was doing so much damage and didn't grow for over a year. Finally, I got fed up and started going back to my curly roots... but my fiance doesn't like it.

He's told me that I am more attractive with straight hair and that I should wear it curly only 20% of the time. When we are going to have a "date night" he asks me to straighten my hair. It makes me feel very, very unattractive when my hair is natural. He likes to drive with the windows down, which as a curly with picky hair, that's a big no-no, and he hates that too.

Does anyone else have this problem? I would love it if he loved my hair. I've seen his ex that he was with for years before me, and she has curlier hair than I do and she NEVER straightened it. It makes me feel kind of like, "why was it ok for her, and not for me?"

It drives me nuts.
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Sounds just like my (otherwise wonderful) boyfriend who said I look 100% more attractive with my hair straightened and anyone who said otherwise was lying. Then he backtracked, and said he only "prefers" straight hair. So I replied that I "preferred" guys with a six-pack but what am I going to do because I'm with him. I haven't heard a peep since that, and he's even gone out to buy my curly hair products for me. Stand firm and if he makes it much of an issue, be prepared to defend yourself. It gets easier, I promise, once he puts things in perspective and realizes that its YOUR hair not his. Best of luck