I've been doing conditioner only styling for about a year now and LOVE it.

I switched a year ago when I found that the gel i was using was actually making my hair so stiff it was breaking off (yikes!). I started with Tresemme leave-in conditioner but the small bottle annoyed me and after I made the decission to take out sulfates and cones I had to switch anyway. I now use L'Oreal Eversleek condtioner in my hair I just make my hair damp and finger comb it in (about a palm full). I honestly, cant' figure out why I didn't try this years ago. I leaves my hair controlled but soft and bouncy. Needless to say...I threw all my other hair products out.
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What are your hair properties? I will try this sometime.
3a/b (normal-porosity/elasticity/density)

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