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Originally Posted by zalim View Post
Thanks Cupcake! I am torn between three potential solutions: a traditional texturizer/relaxer, the Aveda Smooth Infusion treatment and this new QOD Max Organiq thing I've learned about here!
No problem!

There is a lady on another forum with daughters that 3c hair and one has 3a & 2 something and they have like tailbone length hair and she *loves* the QOD Max Organiq for them. She does only two passes (as do I when I've done that treatment) and that doesn't straighten their hair too much and it doesn't frizz in humidity. She does them every 4 months.

I say try the cyestine first since it's the least damaging of all for the hair. As a rule, when testing anything, I try the temporary stuff first,then go for the permanent treatments.

Do plenty of reading and research and read customer reviews and you'll be fine!!!
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