Unfortunately there is always going to be someone(s) who feels they are superior. Too many people feel entirely too entitled.

On a different note:

I am amused by the comments of 'I got married at 20 and I've been married for 2 years and I don't feel like I'm missing out', or 'I got married 2 months ago and I'm 21 and I love it!'

I'm sorry to laugh, but that doesn't quite fall into the place of possible regret, yet.

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Originally Posted by iroc
Lol. I feel like *I MUST* respond! Since I'm married and 21
I think when ppl marry young and later say they regret it because they couldn't party or gave up things to be with that person are the ones who, Imo,don't realize that if you're with someone who really knows you and what you value, you wouldn't have to stop those things. Both my husband and I had goals and dreams prior to being tgt. Just so happens that our goals and dreams align in a way that suits both of us. As a woman I didn't have to be pregnant and barefoot or a stay at home mom and he never expected me to be (although I could. Which is AWESOME!)
Now if the guy is an ass, ur not in love, other problems, then that's plenty to regret.

OAN: I think its funny when I hear ppl say that marriage "changes things". But no one can tell me what changes! I wana know!
Btw. This was pointing at you iroc. Nor do I think you were pointing at me directly lol. Just used you to post again lol.

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