I went natural for many different reasons. My hair was constantly breaking and I knew it would grow longer than it was. When I was a kid, I had long thick hair. After the relaxers, I have thin short to medium length hair. I wanted my wraps to be full and bouncy; I was able to get the bouncy look, but not the full look with a relaxer. Then it seemed like my hair broke off as much as it was growing and I never was able to hold onto any length. Then I had my daughter. I knew I was not going to relaxer her hair, EVER! Then I thought how I can convince her that her hair is beautiful and lovely etc... when my own hair was relaxed. I transitioned for a few months only because I couldn’t get to the salon soon enough. Then, I big chopped and haven’t looked back since. Besides, straight hair is a bit boring to me. I like standing out in the crowd.
BC'd July 1, 2011
Bella is dense, thick, with low porosity

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