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Default My hair is thinning suddenly?

My hair has always been very, very thick and curly. I'm a 3b, usually. My hair has been thinning over the last few months, and I kept thinking I was just imagining it. I would tell my mom I thought it was thinning and she would say no, look at it, it is crazy thick! But in reality, it was just the curl covering the thinning. Until now I though I was just being paranoid, but I can tell my hair as lost about 1/2, maybe 2/3 of what I did have before. I'm really freaking out, I'm only 15 so I didn't know that I could lose my hair, and I don't know what to do. It's also seeming to not have as much curl, but I think it might just seem flatter because it's so thin now. Please, someone tell me what to do, I'm so lost. I haven't really been stressed at all this year, I was pretty stressed during testing and stuff but it was always just like really intense stress for about a week or less and then I would be completely relaxed. I haven;t been stressed for about 3 months now so I don't know whats happening. I am going to get my hair cut soon I think, and cut it a little shorter but I want to keep it kind of long. I also think I might ask my mom for vitamins that help with hair and stuff. Should I go to the doctor? I would feel really stupid coming in for that, and wouldn't they just tell me to take vitamins? Can you guys tell me what to do, I'm really lost and scared.....
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