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I am definitely a birthday person! As others have said, birthdays were a big deal when I was growing up. Mom and Dad didn't spend a ton of money on our birthdays but they most certainly marked the occasion with a family party and then a friend party. Mom is a great baker, and she would make really cute theme cakes for the friend party, and my grandma would make her famous devil's food cake for my birthday and angel food cakes for my brother's and sister's birthdays. The aunts, uncles, and cousins all came - they didn't give us birthday gifts but we got cards from everyone and they were there to celebrate with us.

I just have really wonderful memories of childhood birthdays as you can tell. And because of that I still love my birthday.

I tread carefully where others are concerned - I know some people don't really like celebrating their birthdays so I don't go crazy for them. To each their own (as with so many things in life...).

Rock on with your bad self.


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