Great thread! Love the fashion blogs.

Folake is genius with mixing structured tailored pieces with boho flowy and vintage items. Wears lots of bold, bright colors. Truly unique style. Beautiful natural Curly hair (3c).

Natural Belle
Lots of basic pieces paired with stand-out items and accessories. She is currently pregnant and featuring great maternity style. Natural Hair (4a)

I Am Style-Ish
Love how she mixes high-end with lower-end pieces. Great at combining colors and patterns. Enviable shoe collection.

Girl With Curves
Larger curvy girl with a great classic, feminine style. Also, has fantastic long, thick curly hair (3b). I don't always like the fit of her clothes, but a good blog.

Adore Daily
Another curvy young woman but with edgier style. Urban, downtown chic. Uses creative and versatile great backgrounds for her photographs. Also, a natural kinky-curly (4a). Wish she would update more.

The Sartorialist
Enough said.
naturally 3b/3c

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