Interestingly enough, even though I've never heard of it loosening the curly pattern anywhere else before, that was one big thing I noticed (and was very pleased with) when switching to baking soda & apple cider vinegar. I've been washing with baking soda & vinegar for about 3 months now. I mostly figured my curls loosened due to my hair becoming so much more healthy. I figure I had it backwards; my hair was only 'curly,' frizzy and dry because it was damaged, then when I switched to all-natural hair care, my unmanageable head of dry, brittle hair became soft and smooth and therefore relaxed into waves. If you were planning on trying baking soda & apple cider vinegar, my advice would be to dilute the baking soda with water 1:2 before applying it in the shower. It will become like water since the baking soda will dissolve easily, but I'm only saying this as I've heard others who've used thicker solutions such as a paste did much damage to their hair. 1:2 is the mixture I use, along with half and half apple cider vinegar and water.
texture: 2c/2b
density: high
porosity: low-medium
width: medium-coarse
regime (x2 weekly coconut cream mask, baking soda cleanse, acv rinse, argan oil leave-in

all-natural hair care since 03/12
growing out pixie cut since
5 inches as of