For everything: water. It's amazing what plain water can do (with a little agitation sometimes)

Face: I usually just rinse with water and rub with a washcloth.

Acne rinse: 1/4 c vinegar & 3/4 water. Splash on and let sit for a bit and let it tingle a bit. This is a very gentle exfoliant, similar to the hydroxy creams you get from the drugstore.

Dry skin: cover the skin with olive oil or another non comedogenic oil. Saturate a washcloth with hot water, as hot as you can stand, and hold the washcloth up to the skin, holding it there until it starts to cool. Wipe all the oil off with the washcloth. The heat opens up the pores and lets the oil do some deep moisturizing.

"shampoo": thorough scalp massage.

Conditioner: oil

Gel: aloe vera gel

2c/3a-M-ii porous, good elasticity, APL, dark brown with a silver lining. Biggest enemy: frizz!