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Default Henna Bath

So I finally have a place in town where I can buy henna A new Lebanese restaurant store. The lady asked me if I use henna for my skin and I thought she meant like for drawing. I said no I dye my hair. She told me bathing with it makes your skin unbelieveably smooth. So I bought the henna but decided to bathe with some neutral henna aka cassia I already had. And true enough this stuff made my skin feel amazing. It is hands down the best body scrub I have ever used. it got rid of a lot of dead skin. The only hitch was since it doesn't feel as abrasive as a sugar scrub I think I rubbed it in too hard and got a little redness but nothing bad. Then I bathed with my EVOO soap for my body and Goat's Milk for my face to put moisture in my skin. I will definitely work this in my skin reggie. Now I wouldn't use my beloved Henna Sooq order for this but the stuff at the grocery comes in a large container for cheap.
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