Yes I agree with KookyCurl. A bell just rang off in my head! It's not the cut per se that counts, but the stylist. I realize that my experience is going to be different, because I have only gone to the Ouidad Salons in New York City and Santa Monica, ditto with the Devachan Salon, so obviously if you go to one of their main salons, their stylists are going to be vetted, and very experienced. Basically if you can cut curly hair well, you are a master stylist, and there really aren't that many of them out there, so you have to be careful. So if you aren't in the NYC or the LA area, and are trying to decide about a Deva-trained stylist versus a Ouidad-trained stylist, I would definitely look at the reviews of each person and maybe go meet them first and get a consultation. However, if you are near NY or LA you will get a very good cut from either salon. As I said earlier, I prefer the style of the Ouidad cut, but I learned a lot from the Devachan stylist. My hair is loving the Curly Girl method of moisturizing and detangling, but I use the Ouidad Tress Effects gel to do the Ouidad method of raking and shaking. And to repeat, all the Ouidad cuts that I have gotten lasted six months. At least.