Glad to find someone with same properties! I do wet my hair twice daily (morning and evening) so oils can buildup on my hair fast and lock out moisture.

Coconut oil is okay but I do get that greasy frizz so I try to avoid it, yet I do find myself trying it again and again to see if I will get different results.

Jojoba oil gives me dry frizz within 5-15 minutes.

I do use Jessicurl deep treatment which has some oils and shea butter but that also causes greasy frizz after a few days which I have to wash out with Kinky Curly Come Clean followed by KCKT.

I think I will always have the frizz in the curls since I have such a range of curl patterns (2C - 3C) so they just won't clump together....very frustrating!

I do find that xanthan gum gel with or without fsg works the best for me, yet I am constantly searching for a gel without polyquats, humectants, protein, silicones, and drying alcohols...still have not found one.

I also live in a vey humid climate year round.