Is it just me whose hair is curly when wet but straight when dry? I Iove my hair when it's wet, but it always dries straight. When my hair is wet, it gets really curly, but by the time it's dry, most, if not all, of my curls are gone.
Is my hair actually curly or straight?
Does this happen to anyone else?
Is there anything I can do to bring out the waves dry?
Is my hair too dry to hold a curl?
Or is it overconditioned?

Here's a bit of background information..
My hair is normal, maybe even thick..
I CO wash.. And it helps.. Maybe even more if I keep going.
I tried plopping and it'd probably work, but it takes HOURS for it to dry and of my hair is not completely dry, it goes straight again.
I do cold rinses last.. If that matters..
What helped me the most plus the CO washing is scrunching in more conditioner and using it as a leave in.. It gives my hair waves and wurls on a good day.. I got the idea from Healthy Curls: Quick and Easy Steps to Discovering Your Natural Texture, which brings out my curls, but I don't really wantto have to drown my hair in conditioner just to make my hair curly..
Anyways.. For now, my hair is kind of wavy swavy and wavier on a good day. But it could probably get even curlier, just not yet . So I'll just stick with CO washing and see how it goes..