I'm growing out my eyebrows and it's soo frustrating! They are naturally thick and shapeless but after many years of over plucking and a recent threading gone too thin I'm trying to thicken them up a bit. I highly doubt they'll ever be what they were. I wish my mom had taken me to get them professionally done like I had begged as a kid so they would have been properly shaped the first time. Anyway I use castor oil. Rogaine burns my eyebrow skin and causes my brow bones and eye lids to swell so I immediately stopped using it. I noticed the right one is growing in faster than the left. From afar they still look overly thin but up really close you can see black stubbles in random spots. They are long enough and dark enough where concealed and makeup won't cover them so I'm stuck with sloppy eyebrows. I'm hoping by next year they'll look normal for my birthday. I'm just worried that I'll go through all this trying to grow them and looking bad and then I have to end up returning to the ultra thin bc the spots I need to grow in in order to reshape them won't grow back. Has this eve happened to anyone? The whole filling in with powders and pencils while it grows back looks awful on me. When it rains it washes off my face or when I sweat so it looks even more weird if I try filling them in. I hope they grow back.