I am so happy to have found this site! My 18 month old daughter has hair that is still baby fine, but is pretty curly. Originally, my plan was to grow it all out one length, but its starting to get difficult to manage. I typically wash and condition it 3 times a week and spritz it with water and/or detangler in the morning and after naps to eliminate frizz and bring the curls back. I try to part it on the side. The problem is that her bangs are getting longer now, so she always has hair in her eyes. Her hair won't really follow the part I try to make it follow anymore, and the curls don't stay all day--she ends up with a mess of frizz by mid-afternoon. So I really have 2 questions--1) Should I get it trimmed to get the bangs out of her face or should I just tough it out so that it all grows in one length? 2) What should I do differently when it comes to caring for her hair so that I don't feel like I'm either constantly touching up her curls or living with a frizzy-haired wild woman? (This photo is not the greatest, but it shows what her hair ends up looking like the majority of the time--not crazy frizzy yet but not cute, controlled curls like right after I style it.)

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