MyHoneyChild Organic Shea Butter Scalp Cleanser

- This is hands down my favourite cleanser. Your hair is clean but unbelievably soft. I like the earthy smell and the creamy texture of it. It is definitely a rebuy in the future because I have 4 other cleanser that I need to finish, when they are done I will use this exclusively!
Type: 3c/4a Fine Texture
CG since 2008 but natural hair all my life
Holy Grail
C/O- SM, V05, MHC
R/O- Skin Biology, Mop Top & EO Coconut
Rinses: ACV
Leave in - Bask Hair Milk, Camille Rose
D/T- Spiral Solutions
Sylers/Butters- Darcy's Vanilla Butter, Bask Condensed Custard, QAOHC
Oils - Grapeseed and Coconut, Castor