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Originally Posted by Chicago Kinks View Post
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Prelim Hit: CJ Coffee Coco curl cream

I was going to give up on CJ after the smoothing cream fell flat, but this is changing my mind. The first time I used it it made my hair hard and crunchy so I decided to use a lot less(about a quarter sized on my whole head) and my hair is loving it. My curls are defined and have some crunch but still soft and moveable. I sealed with too much oil so it's a bit greasy and I'm going to try again later. But so far it's a hit.

I just wish it smelled like the name
What does it smell like??

...i'm supersonic
It smells fruity. Not bad, just NOTHING like the name. I kinda wanted to smell like chocolate.
3c/4aish, high porosity, fine strands,medium density cottony curls.

LOVES: (editing)

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I'm not obsessed: I just LOVE my hair!!

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