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Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl View Post
Whenever someone says "why don't you - flatiron your hair? dye your hair? cut your hair shorter?" I always respond with - "Why would I do that?!? I get many more compliments and much more attention with my hair curly/grey/long. If I straightened/dyed/cut it, I would just look like everyone else". I always say it in a nice cheerful voice.
Just do what you're doing, be happy with your beautiful curly hair, and don't worry what others say.
You can thank corporate America for that. As a guy it took me a long time to embrace my curls but I found that straightening actually takes longer and makes it look worse than figuring out ways to tame the frizz. Though I am a mixture of 2/3. When I decided to wear my hair long again, I used blowdry my hair and use the round styling brush. I even tried to curl it a few times. Looked good initially but not so much later in the day.
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