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Just wanted to chime in real quick......

Some folk really are discriminating against the naturals......but......

SOME people who say "Your hair would look good straightened" are saying it bcuz if you natural texture is luxurious, they're imagining how luxurious the straight look will be. They're not necessarily against the curls. I'm a curly and I've said that to my buddy who is "blaxican" LoL. My texture wouldn't be so flyy straightened so I always notice textures that look as though they would straighten well.

Straightening should not be done cuz you hate your curls or bcuz others might find it more beautiful. If you're gonna do it, let it be bcuz you just wanna do sumthin different to mix it up. I'm the type that might want braids for a while, then do the India Arie type scarf, then do my fro, then do a sew in....cuz I like to change it up, not cuz I wanna be viewed a certain way. Whatever you're liking at the time is what works 4 you. If others prefer sumthin other than that, they can turn their eyes or close 'em!!!!!!

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