I have never colored my hair, it has been straightened with a flat iron twice in my whole life, I only blow-dry it when I have no time to let it air-dry.

My hair takes looooong to dry. When I wash it in the morning approximately 4-5 hours, when I wash it in the evening its still a little wettish after I wake up.

What do you mean with 'sitting on your hair'? Do you mean that some products kinda 'weigh down' the hair? (that sounds like my hair )
Or that the hair just doesn't absorb them and they aren't effective? (that sounds NOT like my hair)
Austrian Curly Girl

Texture: 2C/3A

Products: Balea Feuchtigkeits-Spülung, Alverde Glanz-Spülung, Alverde Stylinggel weißer Tee & Lemongrass

Sorry for my spelling mistakes... English is not my first language

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