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How do you know where the stop flat ironing? How do you mark that link on your hair? I'm having trouble with this because when my hair is wet it is hard to remember where that line is on each small section.
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Apply the keratin only to the hair you want treated, then flat iron only that hair--or you can flat iron the rest as well, but I'd rather not subject the rest of my hair to the heat when not necessary.[/QUOTE
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I just flat iron approximately the width of my iron. It's somewhat arbitrary, but I overlap slightly into the previously treated hair on purpose--it's impossible to measure precisely. By the time you're flat ironing, your hair should be dry. It doesn't matter if you get the solution on the other hair--it's only activated by the high heat of the iron. I made a predetermined decision to retouch approximately 1 inch of hair because the hair grows ~1/4 inch per month, and I want to overlap a bit into the "old" hair anyway.

In other words, I shoot for ~1", but if I go over, I don't worry about it.
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