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Default What should I do to my hair?

Well I have 3b hair... It's thick and I really never liked it since it's been curly No matter what product I use, it still has too much volume (not frizzy, thankfully, but it poofs out to almost my shoulders). I don't like being made fun of because it has so much volume, but when I straighten it (ESPECIALLY in the humidity), it becomes wavy after like half an hour I'm tired of straightening my hair so much, because it takes over an hour... And whenever I straighten it, it flips up -_- No product makes my hair stay straighter, and no product I've tried makes my hair have less volume. Whenever I get layers, my hair (when curly) just has more volume.
I want to get it cut to make it lighter in weight, because it's kinda heavy to me, but a bit past shoulder length is the shortest I want it. It's about halfway down my back at the moment. I want to be able to straighten it easier, and I want it to actually stay straight (but maybe that's a little too much to ask for). I definitely don't want it to take as long to straighten it. But I also want it to look pretty and have less volume when it's curly. Should I get it razored or something? My mom said maybe I could, but she has straight hair, and doesn't really know much about curly hair, so...
Thank you so much!
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