omg i know exactlly what you mean! lol see my mom would always just let my hair go crazy curly up until i was in grade, then i discoverd that if i just brudhed out my curls id have wavy..and..well poofy hair, lol, but id always braid it at night, so the effect was pretty cool. but know im back to letting it go crazy curly, no brushing. but sometimes i will brush my curls out when there dry, then braid it, it comes out as a wavy kinda frizzy, idk i really dont feel like me unless my hairs hanging low all curly crazy, haha but ya i know what you mean with the whole 2 diffrent hairstyles, i have em too..its just up until i was older i would always brush em out, so i never really knew how curly they really were! lmao