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Default 2s, what do you do when in the shower?

Could you all tell me your hair routines, the ones in the shower and after the shower? Like, do you scrunch it, how much do you put in, do you plop it (for how long) etc. I'm looking for different ones to try to see which one works. Thanks!

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I wash my hair a couple times a week, condition every day. I comb the conditioner through with a wide tooth comb. I rinse right side up, then do a final upside down rinse, scrunch out the excess water, apply my product with a combo of raking and scrunching, let is sit for a few minutes, blot the excess water, then diffuse dry.

I don't plop.
I use about a quearter sized amount of curl enhancer.
I use a big ol' blob of gel.
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Originally Posted by gekko422 View Post
I wash my hair a couple times a week, condition every day. I comb the conditioner through with a wide tooth comb. I rinse right side up, then do a final upside down rinse, scrunch out the excess water, apply my product with a combo of raking and scrunching, let is sit for a few minutes, blot the excess water, then diffuse dry.

I don't plop.
I use about a quearter sized amount of curl enhancer.
I use a big ol' blob of gel.
Do you put in all your products while you are still upside down?
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My routine has changed so many times in the last year but here is what is currently working for me:

On the days I wet my hair, I wash with a sulfate-free shampoo or co-wash. I rake in a rinse-out conditioner then detangle with a wide-toothed comb. Because my hair is long right now, I then twist it up with a clip while I shower so I don't get my body wash onto my hair. Then I rinse out the condish right side up.

If I'm using a leave-in I rake it in next. Then I comb my hair and fix my part. I section my hair and twist & clip each section (1 on each side and 2 in the back.) I rake in product to one section then scrunch, then continue with the next section. I've found I can get the underlayer and distribute product better this way.

Next I flip my head over and scrunch all over, then scrunch & scrunch some more. I take a flour sack towel and blot my hair while scrunching. Then I plop in a dry flour sack for about 30 minutes.

After I remove the plop, I clip the roots to get some height and let it air dry for another 30 minutes before removing the clips. I had been diffusing everyday but over the last few weeks I've been air-drying and my hair has been curling more and seems healthier. I usually place two tiny clips on each side in the front to keep my hair out of my face until it's dry.

I've been trying to wet my hair every other day, trying for 2nd day hair or putting my hair up on the 2nd day. My routine could still change after my cut this week.
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Before getting into the shower I apply coconut oil to dry hair and leave it on 10 minutes to overnight. Then a Spritz and Condish for at least 15 minutes. These steps add moisture.

When I get into the shower I wet my hair at the roots and then cowash. Then I do my shower stuff. I make sure to comb my hair before I rinse right side up (because it is easier and doesn't make any difference vs. upside down for me). Then I squeeze as much water out of my hair as I can while upside down. I scrunch in my leave-in then scrunch out water again. Then I scrunch in either my gel or ecostyler (curl enhancer for me) and plop. The upside down scrunching and plopping are essential for me to get clumps. I pixie diffuse. If I used the curl enhancer, I add gel halfway through diffusing (see "consistently awesome hair technique" thread).
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Ok, I'll play. I cleanse right side up, but my rinse-out goes in with my head tilted to the sides, then upside down, scrunching it in. I rinse it out upside down, scrunch out extra water with my hands, apply leave in if I use it.

I then scrunch a little with a T-shirt, just so it's not dripping, and apply my products right side up (head tilted) then upside down, scrunching the heck out of it. If I plop, it's at this point, for 20 minutes, maybe? Then I either air dry or diffuse.
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currently, i low poo or cowash, then apply rinse out and leave it in while i wash my body, face and brush my teeth. then i rinse it out right side up. rake in little bit more conditioner as a leave in, and whatever curl enhancing product i'm using. then i scrunch in gel (sometimes i do this upside down if i feel like i'm not getting enough product in the back.) after that i stick my head back under the stream for about 2 to 3 more seconds; i feel like it helps distribute the product a bit more.
once i get out of the shower, i scrunch a bit more with flour sack towels. then i either diffuse or air dry, depending on how early i have to be out the door.
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  1. I apply conditioner to the ends of my hair before I get in the shower
  2. Co-wash or low-poo depending on what is in my hair
  3. Comb conditioner through with a wide-tooth comb and let sit while I finish showering/shaving/etc.
  4. Rinse and apply leave-in just to the ends usually, if it is particularly dry or stressed I will use an all over leave-in
  5. Curl enhancer and gel while hair is still very wet
  6. Press hair to head in a mock-plop with a low-pile towel or floursack towel to get excess water out of hair
  7. get dressed, put on makeup, by then my hair is starting to dry a little and I can start diffusing
  8. Diffuse upside down nearly the entire time, switching back and forth between heat and cool air till my curls are set and about 80% dry. I sit on the floor and read a magazine or something while I do this. Since my head is already upside down...
  9. I do this at night usually, so then once it is dry it goes into a pineapple for nighty-night.
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I shampoo twice a week and use conditioner every other day.

On days that I just use conditioner, I apply it and detangle. After a minute or two I rinse it all out. Scrunch hair with a t-shirt. After I'm dressed etc, I scrunch in gel. Scrunch with the t-shirt again. Air dry. Ta da!

On days that I shampoo, I shampoo (obviously :P), rinse it out, condition with a heavier conditioner and detangle. Rinse. Do an ACV rinse. Scrunch hair with a t-shirt. Get dressed etc. Scrunch in gel. Scrunch with t-shirt again and air dry.
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