hair products make me break out

So i've been struggling with acne for years. I finally had it under control and all of a sudden i broke out again. I've started narrowing things down and i'm pretty sure it's my hair products that make me break out. I use the pantene curles line and i love it! I didn't wanna have to give it up but i can't have terrible skin. I've been searching for hair products (conditioner specifically) that's like noncomedgenic/hypoallergenic and the works. Any suggestions? I found this website that's been helpful but there's so much to sort through! Help!!

Become an Acne Detective
Actually, you don't have to change your products. Maybe you could pin your hair and bangs back when you sleep to get it out of your face. It really helps!
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Hair coconut oil and protein
Hair silicones, sulfates, glycerin, synthetic ingredients

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If you believe a product is causing acne, stop using it for a couple weeks. I had acne aggravated by skin products for years before I figured it out.
If you'd like, post the ingredients here and some of the itchy wavies can help you ID the acne-causing culprits. If the products are causing acne, they're causing irritation and inflammation first and foremost and this is bad news.
I've had to give up hair products which did wonders for my hair because of skin problems - you're not alone.

But first give your skin a vacation from these if you can and try to identify the offending ingredients. Products that make you break out need to be avoided, this can cause bigger problems in the future. Bummer, I know.
A good tip I learned from someone else... always wash your face in the shower AFTER you co wash. I frequently get conditioner or whatever on my face when I shower. This makes sure it's not on my face and I've noticed less breakouts on my forehead.
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After a lot of trial and error, I realized that pretty much all gels and most oils (especially coconut) make me break out. And I am 44!

Right now, I just no poo or low poo with organic products, rinse out condition with GFTN, and leave in a dime size blob of Deva OneC.

During the day or on mornings where I don't wash and go, I will spritz with a mixture of water and some of my organic lavender conditioner.

This has kept my skin much clearer but does leave me with some frizz.

I would also suggest washing your hair before bed if you use a lot of product. I had problems with my hair rubbing on my face and pillow.

Hope this helps!
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