Have any wavies tried the Scott Musgrave way of styling wavy hair?

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I've been doing something very similar to this method for a little while now to see how it works. I love it. I rake in a leave in, a jelly product and then a hard hold gel. Then scrunch. I love the results. The only thing I added was that I use a tiny bit of sm curl enhancing smoothie on the very ends after leave in to make them stay clumped together. So far it's worked really well. I can let it air dry and get very even waves which is always a challenge for me. I always had some pretty spots and some blah areas prior to this method.

Pics from today

This one didn't focus on the length like I wanted, it focused up close and I love the reduction in frizz from this method.
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I'm trying this today! Will let everyone know the results later
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Wishing my hair would be more like this ------>
and less like this --------->
So....my hair looks freaking amazing and dried in half the time which is brilliant for my very long hair! Thanks to whoever posted this
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Mixture of 2c/3a curls, fine to med texture


Wishing my hair would be more like this ------>
and less like this --------->
So glad to hear of all the successes!!
I saw this thread and had to comment. I'm a client of Scott's and I love him. He's really wonderful. I don't love his writing style as much, but if you meet with him in person and have him teach you the MAP technique step by step, it makes so much more sense.

For wavies, he usually recommends you low poo once a week to help lift. Then its a RO conditioner. From there, he had me flip my head over and use a microfiber towel to sponge off some of the moisture. He likes to work with warm, wet hair. Not dripping wet, necessarily. He said that if I scrunch my hair, I should still hear it squish between my fingers. That is still plenty wet.

Next, he has you fill your hair (this is all upside down). Scott works with Deva and JessiCurl products. I am not a fan of either (mainly for wallet issues) so I fill at home with SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing smoothie. I work in 3-4 sections (I have thick, BSL hair) and make a half open comb with my hand then rake my product through each section. I started about an inch or two down from my scalp, and then I squeeze back up each section. The goal is to squeeze hard and hold it for a second or two.

Repeat with your gel or sealer. Then I take a bit extra gel and squeeze from the bottom to the top if needed. I squeeze some more with my microfiber towel, and then plop my hair to soak out as much wetness as I can. I finish with my diffuser to about 80%, and SOTC once it's dry.

I have had a lot of success with this method and am pretty pleased with it and scott. I thought raking was bad, but it really is controlling my frizz. I'm also glad I can do it with my own products.
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I could never style upside down bit I want to try it again. My hair has kind of reached a new length (so weird how "all if the sudden" it's doing new things it has changed) so I'm going to give it and plopping a try again. At shorter lengths it has never worked!
Caitieb, that is exactly how I've been applying everything to the last detail! This was before I knew about his method, but I can say one thing- it works!

The only thing I've changed recently, is after applying all my products and scrunching, I've been scrunching and squeezing with my MF towel to remove any excess water. Not randomly scrunching, but carefully gathering each section; scrunch, then squeeze, then on to the next section...slooowwwllly, so as not to create frizz. This has allowed me to air dry!!!! Who knew it could ever be possible for me! I always diffused to get volume at the roots, but this is working amazingly well for me.
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It makes a big difference for me too! It has also changed how much product I use. What I was using for my whole head, Scott has me use for a section. Unsurprisingly I have more hold and less frizz! I think the raking for even distribution is big, too. I still get awesome clumps! I do hate air drying though. I try it, but ugh. I hate having wet hair everywhere, especially in the hot humid summers!
I think I have to get braver about using more product.
So I just tried this technique today. Used the mango leave in from Marie Dean and my okra gel.

I squeezed and scrunched the LI then squeezed and scrunched the gel. Blotted with two t shirts and plopped for 20 minutes in a third t shirt. Then diffused very carefully.

I have zero frizz! Is this even my hair?

I asked the bf how my hair looked and he said "it's not poofy. Looks weighted down or wet..."

My response was "you like poofy?"

Yup he likes the poofy. Maybe there is a happy medium to find. Or a lighter weighed LI. LOL

Now I'm in my roller clips to try and get more volume on top.

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Lol, to be can't win! You could try flipping over when it's dry and ruffling up the roots a bit for more volume.
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Hmm interesting. You'll have to experiment with different things. Like maybe only do squeeze and scrunch in the first layers. Scrunch only the final ones. I'd assume that would give long lasting wave but a floofier top.
Does anyone know how the technique differs for those with more curl, not a wavy?
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Does anyone know how the technique differs for those with more curl, not a wavy?
Originally Posted by Curlsnswirls
I have 3a curls (with some 3b in the summer) and love this method.

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Since this seemed to be a useful method for Wavis, I added this thread's link to the TECHIQUES sticky. If you ever need to find this thread, it will be there.
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I've been raking it the leave in, then squeezing each section, then raking in the gel, scrunching, plopping for 15 minutes, then air drying.

I've had a giant reduction in frizz! My volume has gone down a little, but not enough to make a huge difference. I'm loving this squeezy method!
I went to have my hair cut by him recently, so he showed me this technique. It was really interesting! I never raked because I just assumed it would kinda kill my curl pattern. I used to just squeeze and scrunch right after getting out of the shower. But I had frizz halo problems, especially up at the top of my hair. He actually had me rake through starting at my roots--so all the way at the top. It was basically like combing my hair with my hands. It does spring back! I do think that raking sacrificed a little bit of the clumpy curls I can otherwise sometimes achieve--this technique gives me somewhat smaller s-wavy curls all the way through. But I achieved a serious reduction in my frizz-halo, which was great. It also does achieve a more consistent look (I used to have some totally flat sections and some ringlet curls and mostly in-betweens). Doing this technique now with my own products.

He also confirmed that microfiber towels were adding to my frizz. I would plop with one and always noticed this issue. He used one on me there, and the same thing happened, so he stopped using it. He told me he generally advocates for the t-shirt instead.
I'm really excited to try this method, but I can't figure out what constitutes a filler and what makes a sealer. I get that a sealer provides more hold, and I've been using homemade FSG for that, but apparently that's a filler? Would herbal essence totally twisted curl boosting mousse be a sealer then? Id like to not buy more products right away, so I'm hoping to use one of the products I already have to try this method... The other things I have are deva curl light hold gel and deva curl set it free spray.
Thanks all!
I don't understand it either Alexis: I find his blog and methods confusing.

I've had the impression it's all a bit fluid but basically a filler is anything that defines and a sealer is anything that holds or finishes. That means its different from person to person and that FSG can be either.

I'd suggest asking Scott Musgrave himself for clarification, he is enthusiastic and 'approachable'. He posts regularly on his own Facebook page, and can also be tagged from the Wavy Hair Community on Facebook as he is a member.
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